Best Tweezers In Canada That Will Make Your Life Easier | Buyer’s Guide

Best Tweezers In Canada That Will Make Your Life Easier | Buyer’s Guide

Tweezers are parts of regular grooming and beauty regimes. Whether you use them to wear lash extensions or store them for plucking fine facial hairs, Tweezer is a super important object in daily life. Needless to say, they have multiple usages but finding the right one for you is a bit difficult since there are so many types. It might be a daunting task.

So, we have conducted a 360-degree analysis of tweezers and found several insights you need to know before buying one; starting from the expected features of the good quality tweezers to recommendations of the best tweezers in Canada- you name it and we have got you covered!

So, keep reading till the end.

What Is A Tweezer?

Tweezers are small-sized hand tools for grasping tiny hairs firmly which are too small to be held by human fingers. They are basically thumb-driven forceps that look like tongs. In the beauty and wellness industry, Tweezers have a plethora of usages - for putting on eyelash extensions, shaping eyebrows, plucking small facial hairs, etc.

It’s a must-have beauty tool for every woman out there!

Which Material A Tweezer Is Made Up Of?

There are various materials that are used to make long-lasting and high-quality tweezers. Examining various tweezers crucially, we have jotted down below the primary constituents of tweezers that make them durable:

  • Stainless Steel

Tweezers made of stainless steel are generally non-rusting and sturdy enough. For day-to-day usage, they provide amazing results. The majority of the best tweezers for eyebrows in Canada are made of stainless steel. 

  • Hardened Steel

Hardened steel is another common material used for making tweezers and is recognized for its hardness. It prevents rusting and provides great durability. 

  • Titanium

Professional eyebrow tweezers made of Titanium are lightweight and are resistant to higher temperatures. So, you can use them for regular purposes.

What Are Tweezers Used For?

It’s a fact that Tweezer is a wonder tool that simplifies your makeup and grooming routine. It can do a lot more than just clean up your brows. Assessing our tweezers from various criteria, we have listed below 5 detailed functions of tweezers.

1. Apply for Eyelash Extensions Without Any Fear

Eyelash extensions create a style statement – PERIOD.

However, putting them on correctly is a quite difficult task especially if you are a beginner. No wonder, it’s heavily time-consuming and the lash glue can be a mess too. But, in order to avoid these fusses, get yourself a tweezer. Instead of placing the lashes with shaky, sweaty hands, pick up the extensions with a tweezer for a fool proof and perfect application. 

2. Add Exotic Gems To Your Makeup Look

No one uses fingers to add glitters, rhinestones, and gems on eyelashes or on the face. You can’t literally pick them up and place them individually; the trick lies in the Tweezers. Pick them up very carefully with tweezers and place them cautiously to get a fun, glitzy festival makeup look. 

3. Keep your Eyebrows On Fleek

Of course, you are aware of this if you have ever reached out to makeup professionals for getting your eyebrow plucking done. Nothing is better than a tweezer to trim and shape your pesky, bushy eyebrows. It provides much better results than eyebrow trimmers or micro blades. Moreover, as the eyebrow skin is delicate and too much sensitive, using a tweezer is the best option instead of plucking threads as well.

4. Remove Unwanted Facial Hairs

Everybody has got facial hairs; that’s not the problem. The problem starts when they become noticeable in an unwanted way and ruin your look. Whenever you are going to pluck the fine facial hairs, you have to be extra careful. One wrong step and you may get permanent scars or prominent spots on your face. This calls for a need for the best-slanted tweezers and the best tweezers for chin hair to help you get rid of these unwelcomed facial hairs.

5. Say Bye Bye To The Fine Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair occurs when an already-removed hair starts growing back and curves into the skin. Wrong techniques of tweezing, waxing, and shaving can lead to problems like these. Ingrown hairs even cause swollen or tiny bumps on the skin that hurts. There is a one-stop solution to all these issues – Tweezer. The right type of tweezer if used correctly will help you pluck out unwanted ingrown hairs easily. Even, there are some best tweezers for ingrown pubic hairs available on the market to make the skin of the sensitive areas super smooth.

Does Plucking Facial Hair With Tweezer Damages Skin?

You may have heard from your beauty professional that plucking facial hairs with a Tweezer damages skin. Not only you but also many other people have come across information like this. However, it’s a myth. If you use the right type of tweezer for serving the right purpose in the right way, your skin won’t be harmed. Each tweezer we have analyzed above is effective, easy to use, and safe on the skin. These are the best tweezers in Canada and are your ultimate choices when it comes to shaping eyebrows, plucking fine hairs, or styling with eyelash extensions.

What Features To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Tweezers In Canada?

There are a number of factors that narrate how effective and beneficial a tweezer is. After a series of tried and tested methods, we have found the following points you’ll need to take into account before purchasing the best tweezers in Canada.

  • Material: Stainless steel and hardened steel are the widely accepted materials for Tweezers as it doesn’t rust or irritate the skin. Also, it’s durable enough. Some tweezers remain brushed in paint to add appearance but the tip has to be of these two materials to ensure longevity.
  • Tip Shape: There are different curvatures and angles of tweezer tips which are meant for different tasks. For example, curved tips for applying for eyelash extensions, slant tips for fine hair removal, etc. 
  • Width Of The Tip: We have found that the narrower a tweezer tip is, the greater its precision. Tweezers with very fine tips are best suitable for placing individual eyelash extensions or plucking the finest ingrown hairs.
  • Tweezer Length: The best tweezers for plucking hair come with a length over 3.5”. They are the easiest ones to handle. If your fingers are closer to the tip of the tweezer, it’s going to give you a good grip. 
  • Convenience: Small tweezers can be stored easily and give good precision as well as grip. From plucking eyebrows to holding lash extensions, small tweezers are ideal for several purposes.

The next time you are out to shop for high quality tweezers, consider these points and you will get a durable product, worth the value that you pay for it!

What Are The Different Types Of Tweezers And Their Uses?

When it comes to the types of tweezers, there is no single type. From our experts’ analysis, the best tweezers in Canada can be classified into 6 types on the basis of 6 different purposes.

Take a look!

Facial Hair Slant Tip Tweezer:

The main reason behind facial hair is hormonal change. If you are looking for the best tweezers for facial hair removal, all you need is a slant tip tweezer. They are the best tweezers for fine hair removal. A slanted tip is also termed a flat tip or straight tip. They have flat, simple edges and are best known for precision. Of course, facial hairs are too fine to be plucked and this is where slanted tip tweezers are needed. They allow you to have a strong grip on the hairs.

Ingrown Hairs Pointed Tip Tweezer: 

Ingrown hairs affect mostly people having curly hair. It mainly results from improper waxing or shaving technique. A pointed tweezer or needle-nose style tweezer belongs to the category of best tweezers for ingrown hairs as these are the best ones for precision work. Furthermore, those with finer tips are curated for pulling out ingrown hairs from roots.

Lash Extensions Curved Tip Tweezer:

Curved tweezers bent at 40-degree or 45-degree angles are the best ones for applying for eyelash extensions. The procedure involves the isolation of each lash extension and putting it carefully on the upper waterline. Their pointed and fine tips ensure maximum accuracy while bent heads make sure that the application is smooth.

Rhinestones Pointed-Slant Tweezers:

A pointed-slant tweezer is one of the best-pointed tweezers on the market ideal for customization with stones. Yes, it looks a bit different and is a blend of both slant-tip and curved-tip tweezers. If you are into nail art or eyelash customization, these can help grab the small decals or rhinestones and place them properly. Plus, because of their specialized tips, they are the best tweezers for fine facial hair removal.

Splinters Straight Tip Tweezer:

Splinters are fine objects such as plastic, wooden pieces, glasses, etc., embedded under the skin causing pain, discomfort, and at times, bleeding. In order to pluck them out from beneath the skin, you need straight tip tweezers or I-shaped tweezers. These are recognized as the best tweezers for splinters.

Eyebrows Slant Tip Tweezers:

Do you want to make your eyebrows so sharp that they will cut through glass? The very first thing you need to do is put an end to threading and the second step is to pick the best eyebrow plucker. From our experiments, the best slant tip tweezers can get the job done perfectly as they can precisely grab multiple hairs or single hairs at a time.

Are Tweezers Used For Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are amazing alternatives to fake lashes although the application procedure is a bit hectic if you don’t have the right tool. One of the most predominant functions of tweezers is helping to put on the eyelash extensions. But you need the best professional tweezers to come out with flying colors.

With a specialized tweezer, it’s not a problem anymore.

Typically, you need two sets of tweezers for wearing lash extensions – one pair for isolating the lashes and the other one for applying them.

We suggest you use straight tweezers for isolation and curved ones for fine application. The curved tweezers are known as the best precision tweezers on the market as they are light, have small precise tips, and are easy to pinch.

The Top 3 Best Tweezers In Canada We Recommend For Your Lash Extensions

Whether you want to maintain a balance between brow maintenance, fine hair removal, and wearing eyelash extensions, having a good set of tweezers can make the procedures more precise. Gone are the days when people used to compromise the quality in the matter of tweezers. Users are now too much particular about their specific usage and looking for different types of tweezers serving special purposes.

So, we conducted experiments with our three best-quality tweezers and deep-dived into their key characteristics, benefits, and usage by comparing them with the best-selling tweezers available in the market. After a thorough evaluation, we are recommending you the best tweezers in Canada that can make your life become “Oh-so-easy.”

Luxury Tweezers

Luxury tweezers

For both precision and quick application, one tweezer outperformed all the rest. The Luxury Tweezer available on Sculpted Inc. is one of the best tweezers on the market. Crafted with a diamond grip, this tweezer is super durable, sturdy, and comfortable to hold. Our testers rated the Luxury Tweezer’s ability to hold and place lash extensions as excellent. This hand-made and hand-tested product has passed multiple steps of quality check done by our testing team on the basis of different criteria:

  • Material: The material it’s composed of is rust-resistant, easy to maintain, and hypo-allergic.
  • Tips: It’s available in different tip styles such as straight, straight-curve, butter me up, 45 degrees, saffron (40 degrees), serenity, side note, and too good to be true.
  • Tweezer Length: The length of the Luxury Tweezer is absolutely perfect to hold the lashes or fine hairs steadily and firmly.
  • Protection: For added protection, the Luxury Tweezer is coming with a sleek external safety cover.
  • Width: The tip of this tweezer is fine enough to give accuracy and precision while wearing lash extensions.

Nano Grip Tweezers

Nano grip tweezers

While doing a holistic evaluation of the Nano Grip Tweezers, we found a myriad of interesting aspects. This tweezer is the perfect one for all lash extension application methods, whether it’s the fanning off the strip or the pinch method. The ridges near the tip are made in such a way so that you can spread out the fibers and give them a shape of a fan.
Nano Grip Tweezers will enable you to grasp a significant amount of lash fibers at once. Even if you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry about using it since it can be used by artists at every skill level. The best part about it is there are infinite grips that have been cut and ergonomically designed with high-precision tools to prevent erosion or loss of firmness.

  • Material: The material our Nano grip tweezer is made of prevents rust, erosion, and reaction on the skin.
  • Tips: The tip has a decent curve which will allow you to hold loads of lash fibers as well as tiny stones comfortably.
  • Tweezer Length: It has a perfect length ensuring a strong and cozy grip on the lashes and jewelry studs.
  • Protection: The body of the Nano Grip tweezer is grooved to ward off it from being worn off also for an easy grip.
  • Width: The tweezer has an ideal width to maintain equilibrium between precision and comfort.

Diamond Grip Tweezers

Diamond grip tweezers

We observed that the diamond grip tweezers have a solid textured grip providing a firm hold on the eyelash extensions. With stainless steel as the constituent, they are rust-resistant and extremely durable. We tried several lash extension styles including the lonely fan method and pinch method with this; it seemed to work out perfectly.
Furthermore, there is a whitish finish on the body of the tweezers composed of plastic silicone material which of course will not cause any harm to the skin. The curved tip will serve functions like holding strands of lash extensions, and small rhinestones. We have to admit, it’s one of the best tweezers in Canada and worth trying out.

  • Material: Diamond grip tweezers on Sculpted Inc. are made of stainless steel. They are rust-free, sustainable, and hypoallergenic to the skin.
  • Tips: The tip of the Diamond grip tweezer is found to be curved ensuring perfection and a secure grip.
  • Tweezer Length: The length of this tweezer is best suitable for applying for eyelash extensions and creating different styles with them.
  • Protection: The grooves curved out on the surface of the Diamond Grip Tweezers are intended to check fast erosion, and ensure longevity.
  • Width: The tip of the curve is narrow enough to clasp minute objects like minute jewelry and fine hairs.


Happy Tweezing!

Tweezer is a “pocket size-power house” tool that literally makes your life easier. Whether you are applying eyelash extensions before going to a party or missed your eyebrow session, having a high-quality tweezer reduces the hassles you are likely to come across. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself one and be ready to flaunt your makeup flawlessly!

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