Top 2 Eyelash Extension Glue in Canada | Buyer's Guide

Top 2 Eyelash Extension Glue in Canada | Buyer's Guide

Flaunting an eyelash extension has become more of a trend in today’s age. It has become common and people prefer to use it for creating an illusion of the eyes being more open and wider than normal. It is used for giving the eyes the “wow” factor. Many experts suggest that having lovely and beautiful eyelashes is what most women prefer.

Long, beautiful, and amazing eyelash extensions boost your confidence and make your eyes pop, giving you the flawless look that adds a dramatic effect.

With eyelashes becoming so popular among all, eyelash extension adhesives have also emerged as one of the most important supplies. It becomes mandatory for your overall eye makeup and the kind of look that you want to flaunt.

Working in the background, the eyelash extension glue plays a vital role in helping you to flaunt the perfect look and step out in confidence. Let us give you an inclusive overview of this product and help you get introduced to its different aspects, to be well-informed before placing the next order.

What are eyelash extension glues?

Eyelash extension glues are specialized adhesives that are used to apply artificial eyelashes to your natural lash line. This product especially acts as a cement that helps to keep a bond between the two surfaces of natural and artificial lashes.

Working around with the eyelash extension glue becomes a regular task for people, who use eyelashes daily, or even for professionals, who need to work on applying eyelashes to their client’s natural lashes.

How does lash extension glue work?

When it comes to the application of eyelash extension glue, it might appear tricky to many people. However, with continuous use, you will find it to be extremely straightforward.

The ideal eyelash extension application process is to dip the bottom of the lash extension fibre (about 2-3 mm) into the lash adhesive, and then fix it atop the natural lashes.

It is a process that requires extreme attention and a steady hand. If you are new to the process, you can go for the DIY process, but be extremely careful of placing the lash extensions.

If you are willing to flaunt flawless eyes without putting in much effort, then we would recommend going for professional treatment of your lash extensions.

What are the ingredients used in the composition of eyelash extension glues?

Eyelash extension glue is made up of the various ingredients of adhesive, thickening agent, colouring agent, stabilizing agent, and other components, which play various roles.

The major eyelash extension adhesive ingredients are: 

  • Adhesive ingredients include 80-95% of cyanoacrylate, the major binding component that works effectively with human hair.
  • Colouring agent, consisting of carbon black or anthraquinone colour.
  • Thickening agent, 5-10% acrylic resin.
  • A stabilizing agent includes Hydroquinone.
  • Different other compounds including latex, are added to the adhesive to make the formula impactful and effective.

What are the characteristics of the best eyelash extension glues?

For flaunting the best lash extensions in Canada, you ought to make yourself equipped with the right kind of knowledge about the glues used for applying the same. Understanding the characteristics of the best eyelash extension glues also helps you to know if you have the right product in your makeup kit.

Based on the specific formulation and the composition of the eyelash extension adhesives, we have enlisted the main characteristics, which you must consider:

  • Temperature:

High temperature causes a cyanoacrylate-based lash adhesive to dry faster, while the lower temperature will take time.

  • Hold Time:

It is the amount of time for which the glue will hold the lash in place.

  • Humidity:

Similar to high temperature, high humidity causes the eyelashes to dry faster, and low humidity slows down the process.

  • Drying Time:

It is the time taken for the glue to be sticky enough to attach to the lash.

  • Viscosity:

It is the thickness of the glue. Low viscosity means the lash will dry faster, helping you to get ready quickly, while high viscosity will make the glue drying process longer.

Does humidity affect eyelash extension adhesives?

The bonding between the best eyelash extension and the lash extension glue happens due to a chemical reaction that occurs between the humidity present in the air and the ingredient, cyanoacrylate.

The humidity conditions for different kinds of lash extension adhesives are not similar. It depends on the formulation of the glue. However, in most cases, higher humidity often leads to a quicker drying process, while the lower humidity requires you to give more time for drying.

What is the impact of temperature on eyelash extension glue?

Heat plays a major and crucial role in the drying, curing, and after-bonding of the eyelash extension glue. Lash adhesives dry faster in high temperatures and the process is slow under cold weather. Ideally, you should keep the room temperature to 20-22 degrees C at the time of applying the lash extensions.

What are the types of eyelash extension glue?

When we started our research about eyelash extension glue in Canada, we found out that the market is full of different types of eyelash extension glues. The type of glue that you need depends on the type of eyelash extensions that you are using, which includes:

  • False lashes or strip lashes

Talking about false eyelashes, we have found many women using them, considering it is easy and quick to use. The eyelash extension adhesive is already applied to the false lashes, making it easy and safe to use.

The glue used in this kind of extension adds a flexible hold that confirms the curve of your eyelid and helps the lashes to stand in place, all day long.

How long does the glue last for false eyelash extensions?

The effect of lash extension glue on false extensions lasts for around 24 hours. Being easy to use and safe to remove, many women prefer to use strip lash extensions.

  • DIY individual lash extensions

The lash extension glue for DIY individual extensions is much stronger as compared to the strip extension glue. Unlike the false extensions, this adhesive is not already applied to the extensions. It has to be applied directly to the natural lashes and ensure that it never touches the skin. The composition of the lash adhesive makes it stronger in binding natural lashes to the extension.

How long does the glue last for DIY individual eyelash extensions?

This type of glue and the extensions are not meant to be removed daily. The effect of the glue lasts for around 2-4 weeks, depending on how it has been applied.

How to remove the DIY individual lash extensions?

Having a strong formulation to keep the bond between the natural and artificial lashes for a longer duration, the glue cannot be easily removed through a peel-off session or a makeup remover. You need to get a specially formulated lash extension remover to ease the bond that the glue has created and finally break it off.

It is always recommended to be cautious while applying for the lash extensions and ensure that they should never get in contact with your skin. If it does then you are going to face a tough time removing it!

  • Professional lash extensions

As the name suggests, professional lash extensions are the extensions that are applied by professional lash experts. The adhesive is only used by licensed professionals, as improper use of manhandling the adhesive can prove to be harmful to the eyes.

The glue is used by the professionals extremely carefully. It is dipped in the glue and creates a bond individually. It is used for one extension to get attached to one natural eyelash at a time. the average drying time for one extension is 1-2 seconds.

How long does the glue last for professional eyelash extensions?

The retention period of the professional eyelash extension is between 6-8 weeks. However, the timeframe is maintained if you take proper care of the extensions and ensure to follow the instructions of the professionals.

How to remove the professional lash extensions?

As it is applied by professionals, and the concentration of the adhesive is special, it can only be removed by experts. A special solvent is used by them to remove it. if you try to remove the lash extension on your own, you might end up damaging the lash or your skin.

How to choose the best lash glue?

If you are considering buying the best lash glue, you will have to equip yourself with the right factors that play a major role in the selection of the best lash extension glue. Let’s check out 7 of the major factors that you must consider:

  • Consider the components:

Check out the formulation of the glue. If you are planning to use it on your own, you have to select the lash extension glue which is easier to handle and does not cause any harm to your eyes.

  • Drying time:

The curing or drying time of the lash extension glue is always mentioned on the label of the pack. Select a glue whose drying time works perfectly for you. Even for the most patient individuals, a drying time of 3-5 seconds seems to be too long. However, we consider it ideal! 

  • Hold:

The holding ability and time will determine how long your lashes will remain in their position. If you think you will remove your lash in a few days then choosing the light-hold glue is the right option for you. On the other hand, if you want your lashes for days or even weeks, the strong-hold clue is ideal for you!

  • Humidity and temperature:

Although these can be considered two different factors, to keep it simple, we have put them together. Depending on your convenience and weather condition, choose the eyelash extension glue. Preferably have the one that has a low humidity formula and can withstand high temperatures.

  • Waterproof:

Choosing a waterproof eyelash adhesive is always a good choice. It is especially important if you want your lashes to last through humid conditions and sweaty workouts.

  • Colour:

The best colours to choose for your lash extension adhesive are black and clear. Black ensures to camouflage any mistake and clear lash extension glue is ideal for avoiding any residue.

  • Allergies:

If you have sensitive skin or eyes, be extremely careful of the product you choose. Make sure to buy the product which is specifically designed for sensitive eyes and skin. 

How to apply the eyelash glue properly?

Flaunting a perfect pair of eyes with an extraordinary look and bold and wider appearance is a dream of all women. Their love for eyes and eye make-up holds a special position. Hence, the use of eyelash extensions comes naturally to them. Among women with scarce eyelashes and shorter eyelashes, the extensions are extremely popular. Even people with good lash volume, prefer eyelash extensions over applying mascara on their natural lashes.

Now the question is how to apply the extension glue properly onto your lashes:

Step 1:

Clean your lashes

Before starting the process of lash extension application, clean your lashes. Ensure to make it free from any kind of existing particles of makeup, or oil.

Step 2:

Keep the temperature in check

The ideal temperature for eyelash extension glue application is 20-22 degrees Celsius. Too hot or too cold glue will not give ideal and desired results.

Step 3:

Patch test

Like every other skin and makeup product, you should also do a patch test for eyelash extensions. Try it on your wrist to see if you have any allergies from the glue or not.

Step 4:

Apply glue to lashes

Other than the strip lash extensions, the other two lash extensions require you to apply the glue to your lash band.

Step 5:

Apply the lashes

Use your fingers or preferably a pair of lash extension tweezers to apply the extensions to your lash line.

Using the method ideally will ensure that you can have the best eyelash extensions in place in the easiest way to give you the desired dramatic effect.

Best eyelash extension glue in Canada

We have picked our top two best eyelash extension glue in Canada. Although the market is full of different options, our choices depend on the following factors:

  • Retention period
  • Comfort
  • Fumes
  • Drying time
  • Easy to work with
  • Ideal for professionals

Based on the above factors, our pick of eyelash extension glue includes the following:

It is our first pick. Ideal for professional lash experts, the adhesive guarantees awesome results. Just a few drops and your lashes will transform from scarce to voluminous. Let us give you a few features that we loved about this product.


  • It contains a low odor.
  • The colour is black; hence it can be easily camouflaged.
  • Thin viscosity.
  • It has oil and water resistance power.
  • It’s VEGAN!
  • The adhesive is latex-free.
  • You can keep the lash extensions for 5-6 weeks.
  • The drying time is just 1-2 seconds!


Here is another pick for you! It is a clear eyelash extension adhesive. We loved it for its efficiency and the fact that it is clear! If you are willing to flaunt a natural and flawless look then this is the ideal product for you.


  • It has a medium viscosity.
  • Consist of low fumes.
  • Drying time is 1-2 seconds.
  • Contains a low amount of cyanoacrylate.
  • It is latex-free.
  • Perfect for sensitive clients.

These eyelash extension glues are designed to keep the eyelash extensions fixed on your natural lash. Use the best product available in the market and enjoy the full and gorgeous look that you get!

Tips to store eyelash glue

Lash adhesives also known as eyelash extension glues are medical-grade and sensitive to extreme weather conditions. So, it is always feasible to store the lash adhesive safely. Here are a few things that you need to consider:

  • Store the adhesive bottle in an airtight container in a dark space. Avoid any kind of moisture that might damage the glue and keep a packet of silica gel.
  • Never refrigerate your lash extension adhesive. Keeping it at room temperature prevents it from any hot/cold shocks.
  • Before using the glue, make sure that the adhesive mixes well. You ought to shake it for two to three minutes to ensure proper mixing and effective results.
  • Prevent your eyelash from a condition called frosting or blooming by misting or fanning it during the application.
  • If your adhesive looks like it is separated, then it’s time to say goodbye.

Key Takeaways

It is important to select the right lash glue and use it on the right kind of eyelash extensions to get the results you are looking for. Sensitivity or your preference, the priority lies in your hand. Choose the best lash extension glue from Sculpted Inc and you can improve your lash game and flaunt wider and popped-up eyes!



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