Tips To Add Style With Beautiful Lash Extensions

Tips To Add Style With Beautiful Lash Extensions

Getting voluminous, lush, eyelashes is no more a headache now. Especially with a myriad of tutorial videos on YouTube, flaunting those movie-star-like lashes in slow-mo is super easy. But beauty moguls are not limited to mere using lash extensions or tweezers these days. Rather, they are inclining towards adding more styles while using them. 

 Here is a much-needed expert guide detailing the tips and tricks of styling with lash extensions. Read it till the end and get ready to show off endless cool selfies. 

What Are Lash Extensions Exactly?

A lash extension can be described as a semi-permanent synthetic, silk, or faux mink fibers applied on the natural lashes strand by strand. Yes, the application procedure is a bit tedious. However, with the tips mentioned in the next section, you won't feel the tough part anymore. 

The best lash extensions in Canada are designed to give your eyes a complete and fluffy look and make them appear full. The lash providers nowadays mostly use silk, synthetic, or mink fibers that won't cause much irritation. 

Sculpted INC is one such one-stop destination for an exclusive collection of eyelash extension accessories in Canada. Their lashes are customizable, which means customers can choose the curl patterns, lengths, etc to ensure a flawless, natural look. 

Some Basic Tips To Know

There is already a range of hacks regarding the application of eyelashes on the internet. Nonetheless, the tips below are some life-saving tricks to retain the lash extensions perfectly in place.

These are the must-know tips:

  • Say Goodbye To Mascara

Mascara has waxes and oil which are the sole enemies of lash extensions as they would ruin the glue. This in turn will loosen the firmness.

  • Stay Away From Cotton Pads

It's a nightmare to get cotton fibers stuck on the lash extensions. That's why it's necessary to keep them free of these messes. 

  • Resist The Urge To Rub

It's common to experience some irritations like burning sensations after putting on a pair of thick lash extensions. That doesn't mean rubbing the eyes as it will lead to fallouts; kick that habit out. 

  • Blow Dry With Cool Air

Have a blow dryer at home? That's great because it's time to use it to fan the glue and secure the dense lashes on the eyelids. Even though the popular lash extensions in Canada come with high-quality glues, keeping a dryer handy is a good idea. 

  • Put Aside the Lash Curler

The lash extensions at Sculpted Inc are durable enough. So, there is no need of testing their limits using curlers and let them be. 

  • Be Very Careful With the Sleeping Positions

After setting the eyelashes, one must be super careful with the sleeping positions. It's better to avoid sleeping face down. Doing so would make the extensions distorted. Instead, try sleeping sideways or facing up.

Glam The Lashes Up With These 6 Quirky Styling Tips

The fashion industry has been consistently upgrading itself since time immemorial. It was 1911 when the use of fake lashes came into being after a Canadian inventor; Anna Taylor patented the artificial eyelashes. Since then, a plethora of trends arrived like gushing waves, some of which became quite popular.

Below, some idiosyncratic ideas have been presented to incorporate unique style statements with lash extensions. Take a quick look:

  1. What About Some Funky Colors?

Some of the best lash extensions in Canada come in Ombre colors. With black roots and gradually faded color ranges at the tip, they give an enchanting look. Some of the most preferred colors are bright pink, blue, and green, but really, anything you can try. 

  1. Let Them Shine With Glimmers

A little bit of glimmer is not a bad idea at all. So sprinkling some sparkle on your eyelids can be an amazing idea to define your style statement this summer. Glimmer eyelashes can do it rightly and in a much better way than glitter mascara. Be it an evening party or daytime event, glitter lashes create a high-definition make-up look. 

  1. Put Few Rhinestones On

This was a myth for a long time but now you can put jewelry on the lashes. Although this might sound a little OTT, the best solution is Rhinestone. But it's advisable not to overdo it and keep as subtle as possible to maintain elegance. Studs or pearls look jaw-dropping on one hand while simple and classy on the other. 

  1. 3D Lashes Are Way Cooler

For a voluminous yet softer lash, the 3D styling technique is now on hype. It fills the gaps best if there are thin natural lashes. 3D eyelash look comes after adding a faux lash to every natural lash giving a triple volume and lusciousness. It's a simple but dramatic look that would turn you into the epicenter of attention wherever you go. 

  1. Try Some Feather Accents Out

It's a fact that Feather-style lashes won't look natural but still, they can give you an eccentric look. Well, that's enough to be a diva! To be very precise, they are super chic. The feathers remain on the outer side creating an illusion of fuller and bigger eyes. 

Dramatic? Yes, but extremely pretty too. The makers of the finest lash extensions in Canada have started welcoming odd styles like this. 

  1. Spider Eyes

Feeling the effect of spider-leg eyelids can be a daring experience. It was Twiggy and Diana Ross who carried the spider eye look impeccably. The length of each lash strand varies giving asymmetrical lengths. How fluttery the lashes will be, completely depends upon personal choice but going overboard can be a bad idea. 

Let’s Wrap It Up!

The idea of creating an intense look with full, thick, fancy eyelash styles which stays throughout the day is undoubtedly dreamy. Also, it's a win-win since there's no requirement to maintain any extra morning routine. Nevertheless, it's advisable to stay conscious of the pitfalls that are likely to happen, because after all "styling with lash extensions is an art." 

Hope this guide was useful in understanding the bunch of creativity tips shared above. Stay tuned for more useful tips and tricks soon. 

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