Why aren't my tweezers grabbing the extensions?

Why aren't my tweezers grabbing the extensions?

We have all been there. 

We get new tweezers and then go to test them out. Just to find out that as soon as you try to pick them up, they slip right through. They might grab some lash extensions but might not grab at all. What we have learned is that the right tweezer will make your life so much easer. Of course, when it comes to buying supplies as a beginner lash tech, we often opt for the cheapest options. $8 tweezers might not cut it and will make your life so much harder. Sometimes you might want to give up because lashing just seems so hard and nothing seems to work out. 

Here at Sculpted Inc, we spend time with testing our products before we make them available to you. Our tweezers are made of top quality titanium. We have also incorporated diamond gripping onto our tweezers to restrict your fingers from slipping when you work with them. There are so many styles of tweezers but upon making decisions we saw these tweezers to be the best. There are things to watch out for when buying Best Tweezers In Canada from other sources. Be careful when getting color coated tweezers because they will chip and dissolve in your barricade solutions, which will leave residue everywhere! There are so many tweezer options! With this being said, you can go ahead and order cheaper options on amazon to see what shape you are most comfortable with. Then afterwards you can get a high quality pair from a reputable company. Of course, we would love for everyone to purchase our tweezers but we believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choices. Therefore, you should pick products that are perfect for YOU. 

How to fix your tweezer problems: 

1) find the shape that works best for you

2) try out tweezers from reputable brands (make sure you adjust your grip and pull the lashes towards you as you're pulling them off the lash strip)

3) test them out on clients (it will take some time to get use to)

4) keep testing other tweezers or continue the ones that worked for you

5) live your best lash life 

Please invest in your business if you want to produce quality work! Save yourself the headache. 


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