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Crystal Adhesive

Crystal Adhesive

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Introducing our first Crystal clear adhesive 💫

One drop can last up to 30 minutes in the right environment. Whether it's promade or hand made fans, you can go wrong with this baby. Since its medium viscosity and has low fumes. The dry time is 1-2 seconds but in high temperature/low humidity OR low temperature/high humidity the dry time can slow the dry time to 2-4 seconds. If you have a client who has sensitivity to lash glue, this adhesive has a low amount of cyanoacrylate compared to black glues, lowering the exposure to your sensitive clients. We forgot to mention, it's also latex-free. 

Ingredients: Ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone, water

Shelf life

5 months shelf life up opneed

3-4 weeks opened

Suggested range(s)

For 1-2 second drying time

- 19-23 degrees Celsius (66-73 degrees Fahrenheit)

- less than 50%


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