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Gel-free Luxury Eye Pads

Gel-free Luxury Eye Pads

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Introducing our Gel-Free eye pads

When we use tape or Gel pads on our clients, they move and some clients have allergic reactions. We noticed that there is a huge inconsistency with the quality of gel pads, even when we buy them with the same company. 

Sometimes they are super sticky, and sometimes they are so dry. This causes us to waste products because we are constantly throwing out the ones that are not good enough. 

When you don’t have good products it creates added stress onto you, which restricts you from producing your best work. 

This is why we have created the gel-free eye pads. Your clients will not have any allergic reactions. These eye also lint-free and are of course, non-sliding. We have also created 2 thicknesses for your preference (0.05mm and 0.10mm). 

Stop throwing away your money with gel eye pads and try ours today! 


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