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Cream remover

Cream remover

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This remover is designed to remove lash extensions safely by breaking down the adhesive in under 10 minutes. This product is, non-irritating, and also drip free. The cream prevents the product from leaking into the eye. 

How to apply:

1) Apply a lash pad or tape to create a seal as you would when applying extensions.

2) Use a lip wand or a micro swap and apply a generous amount to the base of the lash extension. Avoid the skin. 

3) Leave the remover on for 5-10 minutes. For quicker results, place plastic wrap on top of the lash extensions. 

4) Take off the plastic wrap (if used) and gently pull off the lash extension with your tweezers. If there are still lashes that remain, use the banana peel method to remove. 

5) Wash the lashes with lash shampoo twice to avoid any residue on the lashes. 

6) Dry the lashes. 

 Lasts up to 4 months open and 8 months unopened


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