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Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton

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Introducing THE SOFTEST lashes ever created.This line is inspired by one of the most opulent fibres known to man. Egyptian cotton fibres are known for being extremely soft and versatile and so are these lashes. It’s quality and longevity ensures that the lashes will maintain its original curl and ridiculously fluff out. From pinching to the lonely fan method. You will never have to worry about the bases falling apart. Pair these lashes with out diamond or nano grip tweezers and your fans will come out better than they ever have before. If you have ever had any difficulty wrapping your fans, fear no more. Egyptian cotton is here to save you! 


🤌🏼 phenomenal curl

🤌🏼 softest material 

🤌🏼 effortless wrap 

🤌🏼 fluff like never before 

🤌🏼 40 lines

🤌🏼 fan like butter


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