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Ultimate Retention Enhancer

Ultimate Retention Enhancer

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This super bonder works with ANY glues! Super bonders are meant to speed up curing without inducing shock curing (when white residue builds up on the extensions). The super bonder allows the lash extensions to be flexible with the application of just one drop on a lip wand or micro swab. Do not apply on skin. 

How to use

1) When you have finished your set. Dry your set with a fan for 2-3 minutes. 

2) Apply 1 drop of the Super bonder on a lip wand or micro swab and apply on the lash bases. DO NOT SOAK OR SATURATE THE LASHES 

3) Allow the lashes to air dry for 1-2 minutes. 

4) Dry again with fan for 1 minute


*You do not need to nano mist. 

*You also do not need a super bonder if your space has high humidity (60%+) 


How to assemble

1) Gently remove the frosty stopper from the bottle

2) Apply the white ring to the inside of the squeeze nozzle

3) Gently press glass dropper into the opening of the squeeze nozzle cap until secure

4) Close the bottle with the squeeze nozzle

5) Dispose the frosty stopper


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